How Long Does It Take To Kill Termites After Treatment

how long does it take to kill termites after treatment?

Termites are a big threat to our walls and wooden furniture. They will dig into these objects to create their home. When the number of termites increases day by day, the net keeps expanding to shelter its residences.

Many households struggle to eliminate these uninvited guests in their houses. They usually wonder “how to get rid of termites?” and “how long does it take to kill termites after treatment?”. In this article, we will give you detailed answers to these questions.

How To Get Rid Of Termites?

Use Baits

Baits are always the number 1 method that all households think of. It is undeniable the effectiveness of this method. The mechanism of this technique is to decrease the number of individuals in the termite colony.

The baits are mixed with the termite food to attract them. When a worker termite brings this poisonous food source to the colony and feeds others, the poison will spread quickly as an epidemic to kill them slowly.

Once a termite dies, it becomes another food source for the colony, which is contaminated. This process keeps going on, and as a result, the number of worker termites decreases vastly.

This method can kill the queen when eating baits or other termite dead bodies. However, it takes several days to see the effect.

Use Spray

The spray is another familiar method for households. It would be best to detect where the termite colony nests for the best effect of applying the spray. Some signs show the existence of termites you can consider:

  • Peeling paint on the wall and furniture as if they get wet for long
  • Pinpoint holes in the wall
  • Crumbling and damaged wood
  • Hollow-sounded wood when tapped
  • Mud tubes in your house
  • Flying termite in your house
  • Maze-like patterns in walls and furniture

There are many other signs you can wonder about. In some cases, this evidence can belong to other pests. You can book a free investigation from a professional pest control service to detect the exact troublesome.

Once you find out the root of the trouble, spray directly to these places. You can also apply the treatment to the entire house to eliminate the colony thoroughly in the nest and all potential entry points.

How Long Does It Take To Kill Termites After Treatment

It depends on the treatment you choose and the level of infestation.

You can see the results immediately when the flying termites get caught with the spray for spray. Meanwhile, it takes several days to find their dead bodies with baits.

However, it’s hard to determine how long it takes to kill termites after treatment thoroughly because if the queen is alive, they can build another colony again.

If the colony has just settled down in your home, the size of the nest cannot be big. Hence, it takes less time to kill termites. Nevertheless, it happens to worsen than what you can see. When you find the first sign of termites, their colony maybe grow more than you can imagine.

Will Termites Come Back After Treatment

Yes, if you use a single treatment of baits or spray. These methods are temporary only. They can stay their effectiveness for a few weeks or even a few days only.

Moreover, no treatment offers a permanent solution for termite control. You need to combine many methods to kill the current termites and prevent them from coming back.

When controling the pest yourself, you cannot ensure if the pest is completely killed, especially the queen. Hence, to protect your home from uninvited guests, you should hire a professional pest control service, then follow their guidelines to keep your home pest-free.

How To Prevent Termites From Coming Back?

Remove Their Food Sources

Termites love cellulose in plants, cotton fibers, paper, and softwood. Therefore, you should remove all the wooden materials around your home, such as firewood, bough, etc. Cutting the branches of trees that reach your roof, basement, or other house parts also helps.

You can protect furniture from wood diggers by limiting the contact of furniture and water, sunbath them every three months, covering them with high-quality paints, citrus oil or acid boric, and many other methods.

Lower Humidity Level

Moisture stimulates the development of termites and supports them, destroying our houses easier. You need to fix all leaking pipes, remove all the water holes, clean the drains, etc.

Using a humidifier in your home can balance the moisture, which is good for your family’s health and helpful in preventing termites attack.

Caulk All Entry Points

Termites match your home in different ways, including door gaps, cracked walls, leaking pipes, etc. By caulking them with silicone sealant, ceramic, and other materials, you will close the door to termites.


How long does it take to kill termites after treatment? Although it’s hard to accurately termites colony from your home, you can temporarily kill them with spray and baits before using a professional pest control service.

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