The Big Benefits of Short Vacations

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It’s common for many people to take long vacations for a week or more at a time. While this is a great way to explore and take in new locations, these long trips can be costly and may leave you feeling homesick after a while.

Rather than choosing an extended vacation, many people are opting for shorter holidays instead. While you may still have to make some preparations, like searching for the best roadside assistance options and booking lodging, these more condensed trips have many benefits.

You’ll Spend Less on a Short Vacation

If cost is holding you back from your next vacation, a shorter trip may be the perfect solution. You’ll typically spend much less on a more condensed trip than you would on an extended one.

Many factors, such as lodging, food, and activities, determine how much you spend while you’re away. You will need to spend less on accommodations on a shorter trip since you are staying fewer days.

You’ll also cut your costs on food and activities since you will have fewer days to purchase these things. If you’re eating out multiple times a day and doing at least one activity daily, cutting your vacation time from a week to four days can save you from overspending.

If you’re flying to your destination, you may also find savings on your luggage costs. Since you’re traveling for shorter periods of time, you’ll likely need to pack less than you would for an extended trip. This can make a carry-on bag manageable and save you from costly checked bag fees.

Short Vacations Won’t Leave You Feeling Bored

Spending extended time in a different location could lead to boredom. If you’re in a place too long, you could find yourself ready to head home sooner than planned since you have experienced everything you wished.

The only problem might be that you still have multiple nights left on your accommodation booking, and you aren’t able to get a refund. This leaves you with a difficult choice — stay and find more things to do or leave and lose the money you’ve already spent.

With a shorter trip, it’s less likely you will become bored with your vacation since you are only spending a handful of days there. You can experience everything you wish and then head back to the comfort of your home once you’re done.

You Might Take More Trips Per Year

Since you are saving money and likely using less vacation time to take a short vacation, you may be able to take multiple trips a year rather than one long vacation.

If you’re someone who is always looking for new places to explore, this can greatly work in your favor. Rather than taking one vacation per year, you can take multiple trips and explore many different locations.

Taking a break from regular life is always a beneficial experience, so doing so more often is extremely important for your mental health and overall well-being. It can be one of the smart and easy changes to reduce stress in your life.

If you plan your vacations wisely — such as during long weekends — you might be able to travel many times a year without using more than a few days of your vacation time.

Benefits of taking shorter vacations instead of longer trips

You Can Test the Waters of a New Location

If you’re traveling somewhere new, you may feel uncertain about how you’ll like the location. Spending a long time in a place you’re unsure about can quickly become miserable if you end up not enjoying where you’re visiting.

If you choose a more condensed vacation instead, you can get a feel for the new location without the commitment of a week or longer spent there. If you’re not thrilled with where you traveled, you only lose out on a few days of your time.

On the other hand, if you absolutely love where you’re visiting and feel your short trip isn’t long enough, you can always choose to revisit the location on another vacation.

Short Vacations With Big Benefits

Many people look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A vacation is a perfect way to relax, unwind, and enjoy some time away from responsibilities.

However, long vacations can be draining not only on your energy levels but also on your wallet. Spending a week — or longer — away from home can sometimes feel like too much.

Short vacations can be a perfect opportunity to still achieve the getaway you were looking for without the hassle of extended trips. Short vacations have many benefits, such as lower costs, less boredom, more trips per year, and less commitment to an unfamiliar destination. If you’re planning a new vacation, consider taking a condensed trip over a longer one and seeing all the benefits for yourself.

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