Things To Do In Paducah Ky? Let’s Discover Together!

things to do in Paducah Ky

Paducah is a beautiful city that offers much to see and do. You can be sure this amazing place will have something for everyone!

To name a few, tourists can explore many historical sites around town, enjoy some time at one of the local parks, or take in an event at the Paducah Convention Center, etc., in this place! Scroll down to find out specifically about things to do in Paducah Ky!

Top-Rated Things To Do In Paducah Ky

In this list, we will list the five most interesting things you can do in Paducah Ky! Continue reading!

1. Visit the National Quilt Museum

things to do in Paducah Ky

Near the historic downtown district, a well-known museum displays a collection of creative and innovative quilts that tell the story of the city’s culture.

As one of America’s leading institutions for studying fiber arts like sewing or knitting, over 100 thousand tourists visit this place every year, including domestic and international tourists.

The lobby area at the museum is a great place to visit. Not only will you be able to see windows with stained glass and other sculptures, but there’s also an activity called “The Museum Experience.” It includes both guided tours as well as hands-on activities like quilting for all who participate!

2. Explore Historic Downtown in Paducah

The brick-laid sidewalks in the center of historic downtown, which is separated by the Floodwall Murals, attract tourists when they first come here.

Besides, art galleries located throughout narrow streets lined with shops are also good places to visit! If you want to enjoy your meal at a slower pace, you can put local eateries on your travel list!

things to do in Paducah Ky

There are a few suggested places to go to see downtown, including the William Clark Market House Museum. Nearby you can find Yeiser Art Center with its many sleepless local artworks and historic architecture in this area!

For delicious food, let’s try Kirchhoff’s Deli & Bakery for your lunch! They serve up awesome subs as well as pastries from morning until nighttime.

3. The Paducah Floodwall Mural

The Paducah floodwalls are more than just a barrier to protect the city from flooding. They’re also an artistic tribute to its rich history and vibrant culture, with 50 different paintings depicting events in the past that adorn every inch of these concrete structures!

things to do in Paducah Ky

Renowned muralist Robert Dafford created this stunning public art project, which was introduced by local people as an “Atomic City.”

Every mural is a work of thorough, high-quality artwork that can be appreciated on every level. They form an outstanding display lining riverbanks near downtown for all who take time to explore them!

4. Center of River Discovery

A museum that promotes the cultural heritage of the nearby Four Rivers Basin is located across the Floodwall Murals. Visitors can see interactive art exhibitions and hands-on works at the museum that relate to those in nearby watersheds.

There are many distinct galleries at the River Discovery Center. One unique exhibit allows you to try to drive a boat through five monitors, which brings an audio and visual experience behind the wheel of a steamboat.

There are also some educational programs and activities, including learning about animals, work and career days, and the special annual Paducah Dragon Boat Festival sponsored by the heads of the museum.

The opening hour to visit the museum is seven days a week in the summer. However, they close on Mondays ranging from December to March.

5. Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area

things to do in Paducah Ky

The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area includes over 170,000 acres. The U.S Forest Service manages this world-renowned natural space, and it’s encompassed by two enormous man-made reservoirs backdropped by gorgeous scenery that you’ve never seen before!

Also, this well-known natural space is the ideal place for visitors to go for outside activities.

The forest is a popular destination for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. One way you can do that? Hike through this beautiful natural area with its diverse wildlife, enjoy some picnic time in one of many scenic spots!

The Woodlands Nature Center is a great place to visit for any nature lover. They have ideal animal viewing areas, guided walks, and other programs for children that will keep them busy all day long!

With travelers who want more than the natural features of a landscape on their vacation itinerary, there’s also The Homeplace 1850’s Working  Farm – an (a living-history museum) experience education space with seasonal events during the year.


Paducah is a great destination for families, outdoorsy types, and history buffs. It’s also home to some of the best food on Kentucky’s Western side.

If you want to experience all that this charming town offers, put these 5 mentioned activities on your list of best things to do in Paducah Ky! Hope that our post will be helpful to you, and see you on your next trip to Paducah Ky!

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