How Many Legendaries Do You Start Your Clash Royale Account With?

How Many Legendaries Do You Start Your Clash Royale Account With?

There are many different strong cards in Clash Royale that can be collected. Each is unique and has its own unique abilities.

So how many legendaries do you start your clash royale account with? What are the best legendaries in this game? We’re here to answer all of these questions!

How Many Legendaries Do You Start Your Clash Royale Account With?

None. You don’t have any legendary cards at the beginning of a new game. They will come later. At first, you will only have six basic cards at your disposal. You use these to get through the early part of your adventure training.

You will obtain at least one epic and two rare cards from your first four chests, so focus on using the epic because it’s your strongest card.

Later, from gaining more experience in battles and completing daily quests, you will be rewarded with legendary cards that will allow you to improve and expand your power levels.

How to Get Legendary Cards in Clash Royale?


You can purchase your Legendary King’s Chest, which will be unlocked at arena 7 in the shop. The players will need 2500 gems to acquire this chest and its precious contents.

This chest guarantees a Legendary card in addition to other coins and items! These chests are also available from Arena Packs for USD 9.99.

Keep battling

Keep battling to get chest – with each box you obtain; you’re one step closer to getting the one with your favorite card inside! If players win 480 battles, they will have a legendary chest.

Get more trophies

If the players reach Level 7 and have at least 3000 trophies, these strongest cards will occasionally show in the shop, costing 40,000 gold. Players can earn gold by winning battles with other players, opening chests, or purchasing in the Shop with Gems.

Compete in challenges

A lot of challenges that award legendaries are available to you, some of which are free and some of which cost gems. The amount of gems required to join a challenge depends on the level that’s recommended for it.

Players can initiate Grand challenges once they are in level 8. You will need 100 gems to enter, but if you win enough times (12 wins), then you will have the possibility to get 22,000 gold and a legendary.


How many legendaries are in the game?

In Clash Royale, there are 18 legendaries in the game for you to use. They differ greatly from each other, ranging from support units to high damage cards.

Their power is evident as the decks are inspired by these cards, reminding players of their impact while they’re on the battlefield!

How many legendary cards does it take to max clash Royale?

If players want to obtain an Epic max, they would likely need:

  • 36 legendaries
  • 385 cards ( about 100 to 120 Legendary King Chests)
  • 9586 common
  • 2586 rare

What is the best legendary card in Clash Royale?

The Mother Witch’s unique ability, low cost (only four Elixir), and high damage make it one of the best cards in the game at the moment.

The Mother Witch is something that players can unlock by opening a box from Arena 15. The Mother Witch has a high amount of Hitpoints and substantial damage. When she attacks, she will often cast a curse on her opponent’s troop, which decreases its attack speed.


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