How To Keep Ants Out Of Strawberry Plants? Best Solutions For Your Fruits

how to keep ants out of strawberry plants

If your strawberry plant is growing up and you are dealing with ant invasions, you can want to know how to keep ants out of strawberry plants. This is an extremely annoying issue for any gardener who wakes up and finds a thick line of ants going around their plants.

But don’t worry! This article will provide different solutions and help you get rid of ants from your strawberry plants. Now, let’s scroll down and read!

How To Keep Ants Out Of Strawberry Plants?

Ant Repellent Plants

The first easy way to find out how to keep ants out of strawberry plants is to start with ant’ repellent plants. You should grow additional plants alongside your strawberries, depending on the dimensions of your garden.

While other plants will need spacious areas that your strawberries won’t be able to use, it’s advisable if you pick natural plants that can repel ants and other destructive pests. You can plant repellent plants around the border and strawberry rows.

There are several repellent plants that eliminate ants effectively. Catnip, sage, spearmint, etc., are all great choices. You may also buy dried leaves to spread around your strawberry plants if you don’t have enough areas in your yard.

Diatomaceous Earth

If ants are attracted to your strawberry plants, diatomaceous earth is an efficient solution to keep them away. Diatomaceous earth, which is made up of small fossils, has rough surfaces that tear the ants when they move over it. Then, it attaches to ants and kills them by dehydrating them.

Bait Stations

You can find ant bait stations available at every grocery if ant invasions become more serious to your strawberry plants. This way helps you get rid of them quickly by having a tasty smell. This smell will attract ants if you carefully position them across your garden. Then, ants will bring the bait back to their shelter, and the poison in the bait will destroy their whole nest.

If you have cattle, pets, or young children, you should think twice about using bait stations, no matter how convenient they are. Some animals may find the fragrance alluring, and the poison in the bait will harm anything that consumes it. Your children and pets also find bait stations attractive, so you must not use them to avoid dangerous situations.


Coating the bottoms of your strawberry bushes with vaseline (petroleum jelly) is an easy technique to eliminate ants. It makes ants struggle to move and become trapped, making it impossible for them to invade your strawberries.

It’s crucial to ensure your plants stand tall when you apply vaseline to them. If any portion of the plant contacts the earth instead of the stem, ants can use it as a path to go over your vaseline trap.

Sticky Stems

The sticky stem is another way to cope with ants and other harmful insects. This approach is the most effective when you fold a double-sided tape around the stem at the beginning of the planting process. Ants and other annoying pests will get stuck in the tape and soon die of famine.

Remember to change to a new tape regularly to increase the efficiency of this method. You should check the tape once or twice a week, depending on the quantity of ants entangled in your deadly bait.


Specifically, soap is a wicked ant killer that not everyone knows about. Soap works by destroying the ant’s external skeleton, preventing them from drinking water. Finally, they will dehydrate and perish.

Ants will be rapidly killed off and no longer damage your plants if you sprinkle a bit of dishwashing liquid into the water you spray on your strawberry plants.


Our article has provided you with different solutions on how to keep ants out of strawberry plants. Hopefully, you will find the most effective way to protect your plants from ants and other harmful insects. Then, your plants will be stronger to grow up and give you fruity strawberries.

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