How To Be Practical When Clearing Out A Loved One’s Home

How to be Practical When Clearing Out a Loved One’s Home

It can be challenging, emotional, and traumatic when having to help, or else lead, the clearing out of a house after a loved one passes away.

Unfortunately, even with the death of a close friend, parent, or other family member, companies have to be notified, people have to be dealt with, and belongings and property have to be sorted. So, with that in mind, continue reading for a guide on how to be practical when clearing out a loved one’s home.

Locate The Important Things First

The first thing to do when you first go into your loved one’s home is to not waste any time getting sentimental and overly emotional, however hard that may be.

Instead, be proactive and practical and start by locating important documents and belongings that either need to be sent to the relevant individuals or companies or need to be actioned by yourself to look after your deceased loved one’s estate.

A few of the most important things you should be looking to do in the first few days of being in the house include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Securing a safe and happy home for any pets
  • Notify the necessary companies or entities of your loved one’s passing
  • Keep all of the essential paperwork with you in one organized folder
  • Have all mail forwarded to your home address
  • Change the locks of both the front and back doors and ensure windows are secure

Create A Donation Pile

There are a plethora of reasons why donating any clothing, ornaments, or indeed any other possessions of your deceased loved one that has either not been handed down in their will and that no other friend or family member has wanted, to a deserving charity.

Not only will it be a beautiful way to carry on the legacy and life of your loved one by other people in need being able to use and wear their old clothing and other belongings, but it is also a good way of not feeling as if you are throwing the memory of your beloved family member away.

Additionally, if there are larger items of furniture or other possessions in the house that for whatever reason cannot be stored or used by yourself or other members of the family, then the best possible idea is to contact a reputable storage supplier, by searching for Naples FL Self Storage such as to ensure the items are safe, secure, and preserved for as long as needed.

Don’t Do It All Alone

It is often said that going through the entire home of a loved one who has passed away is traumatic, yet also part and parcel of the grieving process. It is, therefore, important to, wherever possible, not to do everything alone as it is emotionally, financially, and physically taxing enough without having to bear the job load on your shoulders. Enlist the help of either other family members or friends of either your deceased loved one or your friends.

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