What Is In Energy Drinks 21 Maple Drive? Misunderstanding Explained!

What Is In Energy Drinks 21 Maple Drive?

A misguided soft drink lover is believed to have created a Google Maps listing when typing in a soft drink-related question. Social media users quickly noticed the weird point and question, “What Is In Energy Drinks 21 Maple Drive?”.

So does the business actually exist? We thought it would be fun to explore the possible origins of such an unexpected business!

What Is In Energy Drinks 21 Maple Drive? 

Not long ago, a Twitter account posted a tweet after they saw the location called “What Is In Energy Drinks” appear on the popular Google platform – Maps.

On the 28th of September, @WaldorfSixpence detailed their confusion on social media while joking about how the user believed that the company’s name seemed like it was probably set up by someone who accidentally typed “What is in energy drinks”.

The business name left social media users scratching their heads and asking themselves if what they were seeing was an honest mistake, a funny joke, or really a real company name.

What Do People Say About “What Is In Energy Drinks”?

@WaldorfSixpence said that person might be struggling to find the answer to his question about energy drinks and mistakes typed in the search engine.

He must have been confused about the authentication protocols that Google uses for verifying businesses on the Maps service. However, it seems that this particular user had fulfilled all the requirements to find out the answer!

@WaldorfSixpence’s post has become viral, garnering countless reactions from people curious about the business’s weird name. And even more bizarrely, this brand gets four five-star ratings despite seemingly not providing customers a service or output.

The world is full of companies that are not real. So much so, in fact, Google has multiple steps in place to confirm the legitimacy of a business on its Maps service; several individuals seem to manage to dupe the process and create frankly weird brands.

For example, some users took advantage of these loopholes and made a weird brand called “Crappy Trees”. It seems like a sketchy tree service provider at first sight, but we’re sure it’s just some kind of joke played by a silly person who let their imagination run a tad too wild!

Is What Is In Energy Drinks A Business?

Yet while many people have been able to come up with their theories about the brand and have even shared their funniest responses to this strange business, there are still many who are wondering what exactly is “What Is In Energy Drinks”?

It has not been confirmed if “What Is In Energy Drinks” really exists, but the company appears to be registered as an experience listed on one Linkedin account.

From what we can see, the company was founded in 2011, and it intends to provide people with information about the ingredients in energy drinks and their effects.

The brand also appears in another Linkedin profile which reveals the user identifies as a researcher working there. Moreover, multiple websites are associated with this business, claiming “What Is In Energy Drink” is involved in the beverage industry.

Bottom Lines

This story is one of the most bizarre and unique stories we’ve discovered. It’s amazing to think that someone who was searching for something ended up creating a brand new business. A simple mistake does lead to so much confusion!

We hope you enjoyed our article and found your answer to “What Is In Energy Drinks 21 Maple Drive?”. Let us hear your thoughts about this story in the comment section below; we always love discussion!