Genshin Impact Reveals: Does Ayaka Love The Traveler?

does Ayaka love the Traveler?

Ayaka is one of the most favorite characters in Genshin Impact – an open-world action RPG with fantasy and adventurous journeys.

The question “Does Ayaka love the Traveler?” has pumped up for so long, showing the curiosity and care of the players towards the romantic detail between these characters. Some theories are settled down in this article. Let’s see what the players love to share.

Does Ayaka Love The Traveler?

Yes. Many lines of Ayaka in the game show her affection towards the Traveller.

After attending the festival with the Traveller, she talks a lot about her feeling, how happy she is from deep inside, and how she will remember this beautiful memory. One detail that reveals her love for the Traveler is her hesitance when talking about her role as his friend. She may want to say “a girlfriend” instead of “a friend” or “a supporter”.

In the scene, Ayaka calls the name of Traveler before dancing in the stream. Although she is not good at it, and there is no reason for her to dance in this scene, she just “had a sudden urge” and “ran with it”. The romantic walk with her crush pushes her to show her feeling and do something impressive.

When she is with the Traveler, time goes by slow but fast at the same time, which indicates how nervous she is.

In another scene of changing characters, Ayaka only looks at the Traveller and immediately turns her face off when it’s other characters.

Does Ayaka Fall For Aether?

First of all, who is Aether? In an Archon quest, Genshin Impact exposes the official name of the Traveler. It’s Aether for the male character and Lumine for the female character.

Meanwhile, Ayaka has strong feelings toward the Traveler – also known as Aether.

Will It Be A Canon Romance?

There is no certain answer when the finale hasn’t come. However, most gamers believe that it will not be a canon romantic relationship between Ayaka and The Traveler.

Although it is a “yes” for “does Ayaka love the Traveler”, the Traveller is only thinking about reuniting with his siblings – Lumine.

The gamers reinforce their idea by indicating that if the Traveler stuck with a romantic relationship with a single character, he seemed less motivated to spend on the next. Consequently, it’s hard for Genshim Impact to develop the idea and earn less.

Why Has Ayaka Been In-Game So Long?

Ayaka must have been an important role in Genshim Impact when launching the game on her birthday (Sep 28th). Also, she is praised as Waifu Prime – the most loved female character.

Many gamers predict that she is a perfect candidate to appear in the upcoming patch quests. Also, they hope Ayaka will become a playable character soon. Otherwise, a minority of players think she will die soon because it creates the game’s strategic, thrilling, and surprising plot.

However, Ayaka seems to be in-game for a long time because her appearance benefits Genshim Impact rather than her death.


Although it is a “yes” to “does Ayaka love the Traveler”, many players doubt their relationship in the next plots of the game.

For the one who admires Ayaka, they expect there will be a canon romance between this character. On the contrary, many people think she should die and leave the game to have more exciting scenes.

No matter how the game will continue, it is undeniable that Genshim Impact covers much interesting information about characters. We will unpack and reveal them all in the upcoming articles. Stay stunned and enjoy with us!

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