Things To Do In Yuma AZ – 6 Most Interesting Activities!

things to do in Yuma AZ

Yuma is a city in Southern Arizona. It’s renowned for lovely weather all year round. Hence, it is the perfect destination for the summertime holiday.

If too many activities circulating on the internet seem confusing, this post is for you! We guarantee you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Yuma AZ with your loved ones. Scroll down and get ready for your adventure!

6 Best Things To Do In Yuma AZ

Check out the list below for some of the top indoor and outdoor activities you can do while visiting Yuma.

Watch The Wildlife Or Hunt In Imperial National Wildlife Refuge

The completion of the Imperial Dam in 1938 formed the wetlands. The Wildlife Refuge was established a few years later, in 1941. Behind the dam, the Backwaters provide the ideal environment for birds and other species.

Meanwhile, the Colorado River landmark borders between California and Arizona, partway downriver lie two states that share some boundaries.

Painted Desert Trail and Meers Point Trail, or any of the four observation points, are amazing spots for observing wildlife.

Here, you can find the quail, foxes, coyotes, ducks and coots, geese, white-winged doves, mourning doves, deer, desert bighorn sheep, cottontail rabbits during their proper seasons. Thus, hunting is one of the most popular leisure activities here.

Also, bring a boat because you cannot miss out on the fishing and boating at Meers Point Recreation Area and Clear Lake.

And don’t forget to capture memorable photos – over 200 species migrate through this area each winter season making it an outstanding spot for photographers who want to snap their next great shots.

Go Tubing In The Colorado River

things to do in Yuma AZ
The spectacular Colorado River

There are many ways to have fun in Arizona’s hot and sunny weather. One popular option is river-tubing, which is perfect for a great adventure.

As it may be challenging for newbies, we recommend Yuma River Tubing. It offers an unparalleled experience to the same freedom you feel on the Colorado River. Irrespective of your age or skill level, this floating journey suits all types of people who love exploring nature without limitations!

Highlights include exploring upstream through serene forests and finally reaching WA West Wetlands Park to enjoy with your family and friends.

Visit The Historical Attractions To Know More About Yuma

Downtown Yuma is a great place to explore, with plenty of options. You can walk or travel by vehicle to visit all the historic sites in one or two days.

things to do in Yuma AZ
Downtown Yuma, Arizona

Imagine walking through the Sanguinetti family house during Yuma’s early days, surrounded by low ceilings and thick adobe walls. The tour includes a walkthrough of historical insights into this unique place in time where you can see how life was centuries ago.

Downtown Yuma’s historic buildings are famous for being wedding chapels of Hollywood stars. Its Art Center features contemporary local art pieces inside an elegant gallery with stunning views overlooking city life below!

The Historic Theatre is a shining jewel in the desert. This beautiful historic building houses all kinds of live performances, and its original decoration dates back to 1912.

The Children’s Museum offers educational displays for kids and their families with interactive exhibits to delight any child.

Balloons Over Yuma

Viewing the scenic beauty of Yuma from a hot air balloon will surely make your day.

things to do in Yuma AZ
Sightseeing on an air balloon

Balloons Over Yuma is the only commercial balloon flight company in the area. It is one of about 300 members of the Yuma Visitors Bureau, which is responsible for marketing the travel and tourism industry to the general public.

Flying is an incredible experience. A typical flight lasts about 45 minutes and can go up between 10-15 feet above ground level, depending on the winds at that time of day.

Visitors will enter into a 75-foot-high basket, with an illuminated balloon above and a cool breeze swinging the entire body while the world passes by at their feet. Who would reject flying to relax over farmlands and trees with some friendly birds nearby?

Relax With Your Family And Friends At Gateway Park

The best place to enjoy a picnic in the sun with family and friends is at Yuma’s Gateway Park.

Enjoy the sand under your toes or relax on playground benches with views of the refreshing Colorado River. This riverside spot offers an excellent view of the historic Ocean To Ocean Bridge, originally designed for pedestrians only.

Fortunately, it reopened after being renovated 14 years ago. Since 2020, it has been opened to vehicles as well.

things to do in Yuma AZ
Ocean To Ocean Bridge

Visit Yuma Art Centre

Do you enjoy modern art? Do museum visits make your heart soar with joy and excitement for the world of creative expression? If so, head on down to Yuma’s Art Center.

The City Government Parks Department maintains the centre with a 650-seat theatre. Four galleries feature local artwork alongside international predecessors. Studios will be available if artists need them while creating new artworks.

The centre has everything you can think of, including architecture and displays. Visiting this place, you will be immersed in an awesome world of arts. The best part about visiting them? It’s free! Check up on their website now!

Final Words

If you are looking for a place to visit in Arizona, consider visiting Yuma. There are various things to do in Yuma AZ, and no one would be disappointed with the trip here!

We hope that you find those interesting activities helpful in creating unforgettable memories. Let’s dive yourself and your beloved ones into those spots and unwind!

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